The Arctic is a popular region located at the northernmost part of the earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean and parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The Arctic’s climate is characterized by cold winters and cool summers. Precipitation mostly comes in the form of snow. The majority of tourist travel occurs during the summer months, when visitors can take pleasure in the “land of the midnight sun” and pursue a broad a broad suite of outdoor activities. The Arctic attracts many people who wish to experience its fantastic wildlife, pristine landscapes and local culture.

Five Unique Arctic attractions are:

Northern Lights

Natural scenery from another world. That’s the Northern Lights when they appear in the dark Greenland sky. It is the particles dance with molecules- strange, sensual and breathtaking.

Ice & Snow

Experience the ice sheet in all its might. Get close to a strange Island kingdom of icebergs that float majestically and live their own lives. You will see ice everywhere_ from the deck of a ship, a helicopter, a dogsled or on a hike.

Pioneering People

“The only thing we know for sure is that what it is meant to happen will happen”. These words from a life experienced Greenlander represents the Greenlandic national spirit; fatalism, calm and optimism. Greenlanders are preserving people who stand together in a world where nature plays the lead role every day.


“Whale ahead”. Suddenly the sea is filled with tail fins and glistening bodies, which rise towards the sky. It makes you jump the first time one of these magnificent mammals tumbles forward with a spout-greeting to those waiting patiently on deck.

Dog Sledding

Listen to the runners as they sing over the snowy surface. A half hour, four hours, a day, or several days staying overnight in cabins. A winter experience even in summer on disko Island’s glacier.

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