Trains are a common mode of travel throughout most countries in the world and offer a unique sightseeing and cultural experience. Many people are aware of the massive train system throughout Europe, which is a popular way to hop from country to country. China and India also have elaborate systems to get you far across these huge swaths of land. And then there are tiny rail systems like in Vietnam that will still get you to where you need to go, but are not nearly as complex.

What every train trip has in common is that they allow you to sit back and watch the scenery go by without the worry of driving yourself or stopping for gas and breaks, and simply enjoying yourself on your tour. There is also the benefit of being able to stay on the train overnight, saving you the cost of a hotel!

Depending on the train and level of service, every train in every country can offer you a unique travel experience. Rocky Mountaineer will take you to Calgary and Jasper right out of Vancouver, with an overnight stop in Kamloops. Ride in the domed car with private dining and a spectacular overhead view of the Rockies, or try the Red Leaf service and enjoy your meal at your seat. Both offer outstanding customer service and amazing meals.

For a different kind of train experience, ride an overnight train through India and sleep in bunks. Purchase your food from vendors walking up and down the length of the train; or at certain stops, stay on board to check out the food and wares of all the local salespeople who will board the train when it stops, then get off when it leaves and wait for the next train.

There is also the well-known train from London to Paris that gets you between cities via underwater tunnel. The list of ways you can vacation by train goes on – travel across Canada on VIA rail; throughout the United States on Amtrak; up and down Japan on the bullet train – you name it! At Lloyds, we have many experienced agents on our team who can help you book the train right that will perfectly suit your vacation needs.