How To Invite Your Guest to Your Destination Wedding


How To Invite Your Guests to Your Destination Wedding

Once you have decided where your destination wedding will be and you’ve created your guest list, the best thing to do is to make your guests aware of your plans. Even though you may not have finalized your venue or any of the little details, this is important to do that they can prepare their vacation time and book their flights. Here are our suggestions on how you can keep your guests in the loop when it comes to your wedding:

  • Create a wedding website. There are many free websites available for you to use online.
  • 1 year before your date send your guests a “save the date” card with the date of your wedding, the city and also with your wedding website on it. Let them know that further information will be available on the website and that a formal invite will be given to them as well.
  • Speak with your local travel agent to see what group discounts for airfare and hotel you can put on your website for your guests to see
  • Once your ceremony and reception venues have been finalized, put it on your website and prepare to send your invitations to your guests

Make your wedding website your new best friend! You don’t want your guests feeling as though they have to carry their invitations with them everywhere they go, so make sure that any information is added on to your website so that your guests are kept in the loop.