balloon over serengeti

One of the most important things to keep in mind when booking a trip to the Serengeti is that you need to deal with someone knowledgeable. Our Adventure Specialist Lesli Heron has been selling trips to the Serengeti for over 20 years and possesses a vast knowledge due to the amount of clients she has sent there as well as her own travels. Lesli is intimately familiar with the best time of year to visit depending on the weather and migration patterns of the many different animals. While animals do migrate at certain times of year, the weather can often have an impact on if they move more or stick around their current area for a bit longer.

Instead of staying outside of the parks, the best idea is to stay in the different camps throughout, so you can wake up in the mornings and be overlooking the Serengeti and the animals out in front of your room. There are bus tours available, but for the most personal and customized experience, you can ride a private Jeep with a seasoned tour guide who can get you much closer to the wildlife.

There are also first-class lodges at which you can stay and come back to after a long day riding around the Serengeti. The food is top-notch and every day before you leave, you are given a boxed lunch to bring on your journey. There are also pools and hot tubs available and even some amazing light entertainment put on by the local talent.

Tented camps are another option for accommodations. Unlike pitching your canvas tent out in the BC forests, tent camps in the Serengeti are equipped with bathrooms and real beds to give you a most luxurious camping experience. It is almost a vacation in and of itself, but the fact that you are in the Serengeti experiencing the local nature and wildlife makes it even more remarkable!

Another option for travel in or out of the park is by hot air balloon ride. Drive in, camp a few days, and then float out for a spectacular view of the Serengeti! After your trip, wind down from your adventure by flying to the nearby island of magical Zanzibar and relaxing beachside with a drink in your hand, working on your tan. Take in the sights of the Arabian-inspired country and get swept away in the charm.

For this truly remarkable adventure, be sure to talk to Lesli and get this trip crossed off your bucket list!