Our Best Meals Abroad


We asked all the Lloyds Team where the best meals they’ve had abroad. One of the most exciting things while travelling is discovering new delicacies, here’s what they all had to say…

On a Uniworld cruise from Vienna to Paris, Barbara enjoyed dinner with her group on the open deck as the ship was leaving Budapest. Seating was limited, so it was really lucky that the whole group got seats together on the deck. The ship departed at twilight, so the group got to enjoy the shining lights of Budapest as they cruised along the Danube. The meal was several courses, the food was fabulous, and the chef set up a grill on the deck and cooked while the group ate. Overall, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone had a wonderful time.

One of Brad’s favourite meals was at in Honolulu at a restaurant in a historic colonial building. Brad enjoyed a delicious meal of Ahi tuna cooked in a spiced tempura batter. The cut of Ahi tuna was fresh, perfectly cooked and nicely presented. Brad had never tasted anything like it before – it was a completely new culinary experience!

When traveling through Peru, Bruce enjoyed a lovely dinner on the beach in the company of his wife Wendy. Bruce and Wendy drove over the Andes to the town of Pisco, a little coastal town south of Lima. There, they enjoyed an amazing meal of sea bass and South American scallops (with tails), and a nice bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

Crystal’s fondest “meal memories” were made in Morocco. Not being a lover of hot spices, the Moroccan blend of spices were amazing and delicious…but not too hot for her palette. Their famous dish of Tagine is by far the best meal she has ever had. The cuisine inspires her still today, and she loves throwing a Moroccan themed dinner party and making everyone sit on pillows on the floor while dining on her own delicious version of Tagine!

One of Deborah’s most memorable culinary experiences was on her trip aboard the Rocky Mountaineer this past July. Deborah said that the food was unbelievable and really stood out. One evening she enjoyed spicy prawns on sticky rice and the next morning she had a delicious smoked salmon omelette. All the ingredients were fresh, the meals were beautifully presented and served in a stunning setting with the un­tamed wilderness of the Rockies passing as they ate.

Jordan stands out for Lesli at Wadi Rum where she had a meal in the desert on carpets under the stars. Everything was cooked on a tiered stand in a drum, put underground on top of coals and baked for hours. There was stuffed peppers, rice pilaf, mansaf and huge salads…Just fabulous!

In Cancun at the Ritz Carlton Resort, she had the most amazing meal. It featured several courses and wines paired with each course. Everything was beautifully presented. There was soup and appetizers, entrees… She still has the menu, and the Chef signed it at the end of dinner.