Unique Things to do at Your Destination Wedding


by Phoebe Gerges

Thanks to all the wedding planning I’ve been doing for myself recently, I’ve seen so many unique ideas that brides and grooms can put together to make their wedding a memorable day for not only themselves, but all their guests as well.

Here are a few ideas of how you could personalize your wedding day:

1. Write a large thank you note on a canvas or chalkboard, or even get them printed individually so each guest can have their own. It’s a great way to have your guests feeling like you’re excited to have them celebrating with you!

2. Buy a little vintage box and have each guest write you a note in the box. Put a sign next to it saying that you won’t be opening them until your 5 year anniversary! That way your guests can look to the future and see what they’d want to say to you.

3. Instead of having a ring bearer pillow, have a ring bearer box. This is something you can have as a keepsake on your night stand where you and your husband can leave your rings at night. It would be a wonderful memory and something a little different from a pillow! Plus, there’s no chance your rings will fall out as long as the box is closed!

4. If you don’t want a traditional guest book, look into the new unique fingerprint trees! Have an artist create a canvas for you with a tree and buy a few different colors for ink pads. Have each of your guests dip their finger into the ink pads and then print the canvas so that each finger print looks like a leaf. This will create a beautiful image that you can keep and hang up in your house to remember your special day with.

5. Lastly, when you send out your invitations, send out a little card for your guests to send back to you with a few song choices. This will not only keep your guests from bothering your DJ, but it will also give everyone a chance to enjoy the music and get on the dancefloor!