Mellowing in the Maldives…at Club Med

by Bruce Fougner

Wendy and I had the opportunity to slip down to the Maldives on our last trip to South East Asia. This 1190 island archipelago is situated off the South West coast of India. We arrived in Male, were through customs in minutes and then whisked across a small road to the water taxis, very smooth. Our destination was Club Med who purchased an island (Kani) about 35 minutes via fast water taxi.
Kani is about 700 metres long by 150 metres at its widest point. The high point on the island is maybe 6 feet above sea level, so their concern about water levels is very real. Your first impression as you enter through the reef is one of paradise. The island is covered with tall shade bearing coconut and banyan trees, it is visually stunning. You arrive at the dock, which in a lot of ways is the main activity centre as this is a diving and snorkeling mecca, luggage is placed on a hand wheeled cart and 15 minutes later you are in your room. We had a basic deluxe room (lowest category), but when we arrived we thought we had been upgraded, we were beach front, main floor (there are only maybe 12 rooms on a second floor), great little deck, beautiful bathroom and bedroom. It was gorgeous, and we discovered later it was their entry level room category.
Our day consisted of breakfast, snorkeling at 10am, back in time for lunch, snorkeling at 2:30pm, and then back in time to find a chaise lounge on the west facing beach next to the bar (70 metres from our east facing beach front room) where the local Maldivians offer great bar service. We read until sunset, then went back to the room for a shower and changed for dinner, stopping first at the bar on the east side of the island for a cocktail, and then heading for dinner, another after dinner drink (Wendy and I usually don’t attend the show) and then home to read some more, rest and wake to start all over the next day. There is no charge for snorkeling and as there are a dozen sites to visit (all between 5 and 15 minutes by boat). We didn’t go to the same place twice. We also did a couple of yoga sessions (also complementary) and the instruction was great.

This is a popular honeymoon destination for China and Japan so there are lot of young couples in love wearing matching outfits. There are Chinese, Japanese and international food dishes available at every meal (always great sushi). The second glass of house wine was always better.
Ideally this resort is for a couple wanting to relax at the beach after a two week India or Sri Lanka tour, or if you are an avid diver this is probably already on your bucket list.