Vancouver Aquarium Expedition – Arctic 2016

Polar Bear - Northwest Passage

In 2016 the Vancouver Aquarium, in partnership with One Ocean Expeditions and Lloyds Travel will be setting sail in the Arctic.

There could be no better team to accompany you on an expedition to the Canadian North. Embark on your journey aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, a small expedition cruise ship built to venture through the edges of the permanent Arctic ice pack. Few vessels can sail this far north and bring you so close to the wildlife residing in the Arctic territory. This, combined with the knowledge and expertise brought by Dr. John Nightingale, president and CEO of the Vancouver Aquarium, will allow you to gain first class education on marine life and the biodiversity of the arctic waters.

Some of the impressive fauna you are likely to cross paths with on this journey include humpback, beluga, sperm, and sei whales, walruses, narwhals, harp seals, and of course the iconic polar bears, just to name a few! You will be sailing through the wildlife “superhighway” of the Arctic – Lancaster Sound, and past the staggering cliffs of Prince Leopold Island, home to several hundred thousand migratory birds.

Though the beautiful scenery and impressive wildlife are huge draws for this expedition there is a wealth of historical importance to this Classic Northwest Passage. Your vessel will follow the path laid out by early Arctic explorers and you will sail through the waters that were the final resting place of one of Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition ships – the HMS Erebus. Ponder the mystery surrounding their inauspicious voyage as you sail past Beechey Island, and again as you visit Victory Point, where a document left by the Franklin Expedition shed further light on what befell their crew.

Onboard the ship you will sail in comfort and with the knowledge that One Ocean’s vessels are equipped with the most extensive inventory of safety equipment. Relax, knowing that the crew has undergone the most effective training programs and are well prepared, with extensive knowledge of polar weather, and the varying sea and ice conditions.

Onboard you are welcome to participate in daily offerings such as nightly ‘chart talks’ recapping and discussing the days’ explorations. If you’d rather rest or explore on your own take advantage of the wellness facilities, library, reading room, pool, bar, and lounge.

Set sail with the Vancouver Aquarium and experience an expedition full of adventure. Enjoy the numerous options available to you as you make your way through the Northwest Passage, including hiking, kayaking, zodiac cruising, photography, and wildlife viewing. Enjoy personalized service and the great value of a One Ocean Expedition.

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