Wendy and her son Erik were lucky to escape the dreary weather here a few weeks back for a quick trip to Cuba! Nothing like a few days in the sun to refresh you!
Coming back they had lots of tips to share for fellow travelers. If you’re thinking of heading south to Cuba anytime soon take a look at the list below and make the most of your vacation!

  1. If you have discriminating culinary tastes, its best to stick with 5-star resorts.
  2. Huba Buga mugs were all the rage at all-inclusives – so if that’s where you’re staying buy one before you fly!
  3. Make sure to spend a couple of days in Havana, give yourself time to explore the old city.
  4. Take a ride in an open top old American car – in Havana – You can take an hour tour for $20 USD – It’s great fun in the evening cruising around Havana!
  5. Make sure to take in the Havana Live Music Scene – in just about every restaurant there is a combo playing local music
  6. If you’re planning on bringing alcohol home with you we recommend buying it at duty free as they package them to get through security if you have connecting flights.
  7. In the market for cigars? Prices were cheaper in Havana then in duty free so don’t be afraid to check around the shops in town!
  8. Do some people watching – Head to one of the many parks and watch all the interesting people and activities pass by
  9. Buy internet cards on the street for 3 CUK or go to the telecom store and pay 2 CUK – you can ask them where you can get access. Many hotel lobbies have access {though you still need the internet card}. Just buy a drink then sit back and get caught up on your internet activities
  10. We’d recommend changing your money at a bank as they seemed to have better rates. You can still get money from an ATM but the rates may not be as great, and need to have VISA on the front of your card. The currency for tourists is the CUK and the exchange rate varies each day for CAD but is set for the USD
  11. Have patience as things do not happen at the same speed as at home! It’s a different pace of life in Cuba!