Travelling with Friends

Sibling Travel


You may know them better than anyone else in the world, but that doesn’t mean that sharing a small space for an extended period of time won’t start to wear on you!  Travel with close friends or siblings can be one of the best bonding experiences, and we’ve listed a few handy tips below to help you keep the peace throughout your journey!

  1. When unpacking discuss the division of storage space. Bringing along extra hangers or requesting extras at the front desk helps resolve shortage of space
  2. Bring a power bar for all your extra devices – no sense fighting over outlets!
  3. Have a flashlight on hand in case one of you is a night owl, or you need to get up in the night.  This way you avoid disrupting the other person’s sleep.
  4. Have a phone number to call in case you get separated or are in an emergency  – pick a number of family member that you both can call.
  5. Discuss ahead of time about what your normal sleeping habits are and then come up with a plan that works for both. Don’t forget to compromise!
  6. Research out trips and activities ahead of time so that you have agreed on how you both envision the trip going
  7. Bring ear plugs in case one of you snores!
  8. Plan some fun activities that you can do as siblings or friends that you would not do with your partner
  9. Keep track of all money matters and make sure that you have both agreed upon budgets for the trip.  In addition, make sure to pay back as soon as possible if you end up borrowing any money from one another.
  10. Along with your basics like passports & drivers licenses, don’t forget to bring lots of love and compassion to make this special opportunity the best ever.


Do you and your friends need help planning a trip?  Get in touch with Deborah or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent and start planning today!