Tennis in Palm Springs

Paribas Tennis Tournament


One of our agents, Lesli, was lucky enough to getaway to Palm Springs this March.  During her visit she was able to watch some great Tennis, at the Paribas Tennis Tournament.  If you’re a tennis enthusiast you may already be aware, but this tournament takes place in March every year.  Lesli has given us a great list of reasons to head south for this tournament (and the fabulous weather!).

  1. Paribas tennis tournament in March each year has the top seated Tennis Players from around the world
  2. Palm Springs is a beautiful location surrounded by mountains, making it a very scenic location to visit
  3. It is an easy location to visit for the match. You need a rent car where you will park in a field and walk over to the stadium
  4. Even in the top rows of the stadium you get a great view of the players
  5. The tournament is over a two week period making it the largest professional tournament in the world
  6. At the tournament there are lots of concessions, however they are quite expensive.  A good tip – they do not take away what you have brought in.
  7. You can buy single tickets at the box office making it much cheaper than buying the whole package. There was no trouble picking up single tickets for the matches in 2016
  8. For the ladies you’ll fit right in wearing a summer dress, sun hat.  For the guys, shorts, shirts & hats were the trend.  And for everyone, make sure to apply lots of sunscreen and drink water.
  9. Restaurants – you must make reservations or don’t expect to eat until 9:30.  It’s a busy time so book early!
  10. There is also amazing hiking to do in the area with lots of options.

For even more tips and helpful information ask Lesli!