Thinking about a getting married in Hawaii? Earlier this year Wendy and Bruce were lucky to visit Waikiki and the stunning Halekulani Hotel. One of their first impressions? This would be a fantastic place to hold a wedding!

After seeing the resort, as well as a wedding in-process it became quickly obvious that the Halekulani is a hotel they can easily recommend to future brides and grooms.

So what are some things to keep in mind when you are planning a destination wedding in Hawaii? For starters, you should decide whether or not you want a legal wedding ceremony or a symbolic one. Many people choose to have the legal ceremony at home and a symbolic ceremony/reception abroad, since the requirements for a legal wedding may be complicated when not in your home country.

For Hawaii, be sure to look online at the department of Health to check out the requirements. There are often certificates that need to be shown, or blood tests that need to be taken. Often it is a several step process, and it is recommended that you arrive at least 3 business days prior to the wedding in order to give yourself time to set everything up. Remember that this means Monday – Friday, and don’t forget to take into account any public holidays that may occur during this time.

Hau Terrace Halekulani

Once you have worked out the legalities you can move forward in your planning process. Hawaii has a special charm that is unique to anywhere in the world. It has its own culture and romance. You feel the calmness of the Hawaiian vibe. Hawaii has also been in the tourism business for a very long time making them proficient in taking care of visitors, so you know that the hospitality will be impeccable and you and your guests are sure to feel welcomed.

The outer islands are smaller and can be fantastic places to visit, but they are also more remote and offer less variety of options to you and your guests. In Waikiki you will feel less pressure to arrange entertainment for your guests, as it will be easier for them to head out and choose their own amusements. As an added perk, this will help alleviate additional/entertainment costs on the bride and groom!


Waikiki has everything close by and within walking distance – restaurants, tours, grocery stores, entertainment and water sports, so no matter what your guests interests there will be something exciting and new for them to try.

Hawaii is also very safe – there is no presence of high level security that you find in other popular destinations, like Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The standards of food prep are extremely high and you have an abundance of choices of places to eat.

At the Halekulani the rooms come with empty fridges so that you can stock up on your own personal choices, and you and your guests can alleviate some of the costs associated with eating/snacking out.

If coming from the west coast you and your guests will have the added perk of direct flights to your destination!


As I mentioned previously, The Halekulani Hotel is a beautiful hotel to have your wedding ceremony. The upper deck with its beautiful banquet rooms is absolutely stunning. Weddings are usually at 10 with a lunch or 4 pm or 5 pm with dinner.
The service, presentation of food and the actual food itself is considered to be the top in Waikiki and the rooms are beautiful in the hotel with extremely high standards in housekeeping. The concierge is also unbelievable – their knowledge and care for your questions is heartwarming.

If you are getting married and considering Hawaii as your destination we highly recommend the Halekulani, for your wedding, honeymoon, or both!

For more information on this stunning resort, contact, or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent.