This past spring Lynn was able to get away for a magnificent Viking River Cruise, sailing from Amsterdam to Bucharest. She came back from the trip with countless photos, stories, and of course – Tips!

If you are looking at a river cruise through Europe next spring, take a look at Lynn’s helpful advice below, and sail prepared!

Lynn’s River Cruise Tips
  1. A Spring cruise requires layered clothing, as the weather can be changeable. One day may take you from sun to rain, to snow – and everything in between!
  2. It is a good idea to have addition Euro (cash in 5 10 and 20 denominations) on hand once you move into the eastern bloc countries. Most of the retailers are small operators and credit cards are not accepted. Local currency is difficult to come by. The retailers are very happy to accept Euros.
  3. Tipping local guides and bus drivers, again small denominations of Euro is essential. Most tour guides/drivers are tipped around 2 Euros.
  4. Good walking shoes are essential as most of the walking tours are in old cities with cobble stoned roadways. Toss the heals and opt for something more practical. Your feet will thank you!
  5. Ensure that your camera has the capability of taking “discreet” pictures as a large number of churches & museums do not allow flash photography.
  6. Budapest, pack your swimming costume as the mineral baths are a “must” experience.
  7. It may be a good idea to take a journal, as it is almost impossible to remember all the highlights of each day. There are a number of guest speakers who give so much detailed information, and days and sights can blur together when you are on the move so much.
  8. Pack your own collapsible umbrella. The cruise ship provides large golf umbrellas which can become cumbersome to carry thru the sites and shopping areas. A small umbrella that you can toss in your tote is ideal.
  9. Should you require any special needs, i.e. distilled water for your CPAP machine, advise the cruise line so they will have it waiting for you in your stateroom upon your arrival.
  10. Pack travel sized laundry soap. The ship provides a small wash line in the bathroom which allows for the washing of those “smalls”!

For more inspiration take a look at our website for more River Cruise Tours.  For more information, or help booking your European River Cruise, contact or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent!

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