If you have read our last post you’ll know that a few months back Lynn made her way to Amsterdam for a Springtime river cruise. Her sage advice is continued here, and for those of you planning a Tuscany Escape you may find this list helpful!

Lynn’s Tips for Tuscany & Rome
  1. Situate yourself in a central location in the Tuscany area. It is very easy to visit a number of villages within a short day trip drive. Being centrally located will allow you to explore more villages and spend less time on the road. With the abundance of old towns and rolling vineyards you’ll have a wealth of options for day trips!
  2. Enjoy shopping for local vegetables and other food supplies. The local farm fresh vegetables are a treat!
  3. Do a cooking class! The instructor will take you to the local stores & then teach you to cook classic Italian cuisine. Use the veggies you bought from the local market and be amazed at how fresh and flavorful your homemade meal tastes!
  4. Plan to visit a vineyard and sip a glass of wine under the pergola and nibble on local olives and cheese. You will not regret it – and with so many wineries in the region that you can explore, take your time and sample a few. Then pick up a bottle of your favorite to bring home and have with dinner!
  5. Plan to do at least one long day trip to Cinque Terre area. This is very possible using the toll road system which traverses the country. It is extremely quick and efficient, but don’t forget to have cash for the tolls.
  6. Language is not a problem! If English is not available, hand gestures and much laughter will get you to where you need to go!
  7. There is no need to book a short train trip before leaving Canada. It is very easy to obtain tickets at the rail station.
  8. It is very easy to use the ATM’s to withdraw Euro’s. Ensure that you use a terminal within a bank for additional security.
  9. Roma taxi drivers are not partial to doing short trips. It is a good idea to use the Hop On Hop Off buses as a quick and easy means of getting around Rome as well as seeing the sights.
  10. Do not plan a night tour of the city, as at night most of the buildings etc. are not lit up.

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