Isle of Man

During Wendy & Bruce’s last visit to Europe and the UK they were lucky to catch the Isle of Man TT races. Before heading off on their Seaborne Cruise they decided to take a detour to this lovely island!
First step was to get themselves into Douglas. From the airport it was a simple transfer to a local bus. There is an attendant just outside the airport that sells the bus tickets and is able to give directions. Very handy if you are not sure where you are going!

The taxis were quite reasonable on the Isle of Man. The drivers tended to be very friendly, with lots of tips and knowledge (at least the 3 that they used did!)

Once in town, Douglas had a variety of restaurants to choose from, so no one went hungry!

As for the actual race, it was an amazing site. There is no other motorcycle race in the world like this, so if you are a fan this is certainly something to see, with all kinds of different categories. Even if you’re not an aficionado the energy is contagious, and you’ll more than likely find yourself drawn into the excitement.
The length, speed, and difficulty of the track are just part of what make this such an amazing spectator sport, and the race itself is over 100 years old.

The island does have its own pound, and it is at the same rate as the British pound. Try not to take out more than you need, as you’ll end up having to convert it again.

Wendy and Bruce found that the island was full of friendly people. It was easy to strike up conversation with the local residents, and the scenery was beautiful. The roads were great to drive on and everything was clean and peaceful. They felt safe throughout their travels, and the whole visit felt like a little slice of the past. It was a great little detour on their trip!

If you’re interested in touring the British & Scottish Isles contact for more information! Recently back from a tour around Ireland and Scotland, Barbara will be full of wonderful tips and advice!