An Evening Under Mongolian Stars


This month Lloyds was very proud to be a part of “An Evening Under Mongolian Stars”, a fundraising initiative by the Veloo Foundation to support their Children of the Peak Sanctuary Project.

The project helps over 130 children in Ulaanbaatar by providing them with food, warmth, and education. This project is designed to help alleviate the suffering and neglect of the most vulnerable and marginalized children in an Ulaanbaatar neighbourhood whose residents make a living and feed and clothe their families with items scavenged from the rubbish dump. As always with the Veloo Organization 100% of all donated funds, every penny, goes to help the children.

“An Evening Under Mongolian Stars” was an impressive Mongolian Cultural Evening designed to “bring the magic and mystery of Mongolia and some of the gorgeous artwork from the children to folks here in Canada.”

The organizers at the Veloo Foundation were very happy to announce that the event raised almost $15,000 – enough money to cover the full expenses of all the 132 children currently at the Children of the Peak Sanctuary Kindergarten for one full month!

Bruce attended the event and enjoyed an evening learning more about Mongolia – this is an organization that Lloyds is happy to support, and we are very proud to be able to help communities in need around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about this and other initiatives, visit the Veloo Foundation website.
If you are interested in traveling to Mongolia take at look at our Ride to the Reindeer horse trekking expedition. This expedition is in conjunction with Horse Trek Mongolia, and 20% of the tariff from your ride goes to support the Children of the Peak Sanctuary.

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