Travel Inspiration – Juno Beach

Drenched in the history of one of the most iconic battles of World War II, Juno beach is a prime destination for those who want to take in some of Canada’s celebrated military history. For one member of our staff, the draw to visit the site where her father had valiantly fought during WWII has always been with her and, when given the chance, she packed her bags and off to France she went. The Juno Beach Centre is a Canadian built military museum in Normandy. A tribute to the history of the Battle of Normandy, the Centre is a memorial to those Canadians who fought in WWII, including the 45,000 who lost their lives; 5,500 on D Day alone.

Upon arrival, one is struck by the numbers of Canadians, all there to take in our history. Many tourists and school and children’s groups from all across Canada travel to experience first hand this lesson in history. The centre itself has multiple permanent and temporary exhibits. With your paid admission, you can take in the interactive exhibits and as well can join in on a guided tour of the site. For an additional fee, you can enter a German bunker which acted as an observation and gun post on the Atlantic wall during the war.

Rich in the history of one of Canada’s most significant military contributions, the Juno Beach Centre is a perfect destination for those wanting to pay homage and respect to the soldiers who fought such an important battle in Canadian history.

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