Adventure Blog : Berlin by Bike

Berlin by Bike
Berlin, Germany’s capital, is a very vibrant and active city and is the perfect destination for those looking for a bike holiday! Bruce and Wendy took in this beautiful cultural center on a recent trip to Europe. Arriving by subway to the Mercure hotel, they found themselves immediately immersed in an energetic bike friendly community.

Berlin is truly a bike accessible city and offers an extensive system of bike lanes that allow almost every corner of the city to be reached by two wheels! Bruce and Wendy were able to rent bikes right from the Mercure hotel and set off to enjoy an entire day by bike. Cycling the many streets lined with trendy clubs, café and restaurants, they were quickly energized by the friendly, cultural atmosphere of the city. Stopping in at Checkpoint Charlie and other tourist sights was a breeze, each attraction easily accessible by bikes with safe places to secure them. Even after enjoying a lovely dinner out, hopping on their bikes and riding back to the hotel at night, along the well lit, populated streets and lanes, Bruce and Wendy never felt unsafe.

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