Tahiti Bound
Recently one of our agents, Lesli, was lucky enough to get away to experience the breathtaking islands of Tahiti. Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, Tahiti is the ultimate destination for those seeking a once in a lifetime experience taking in the unparalleled beauty of the South Pacific.

For Lesli, is was a tropical heaven, visiting 5 separate islands in 8 days. Experiencing the islands from 12 different resorts, Lesli got a taste of much of what Tahiti has to offer. The trip featured very full days from a 1 day catamaran trip around the islands, multiple days snorkeling and even a 4×4 safari trip through the lush, tropical mountains. Surrounded by clear blue water, the snorkeling and scuba diving in Tahiti is among the world’s best. Lesli and her group found themselves swimming amid an abundance of majestic colourful sea life, including spectacular manta rays and various sharks.

All the resorts Lesli visited on the itinerary were fabulous and worth recommending. Whether staying in one of Tahiti’s renowned over water bungalows, an oceanfront suite or a beachfront cabin, all island resorts are thoughtfully designed to allow you to maximize your experience in the beautiful South Pacific.

For tips for those about to depart for their own vacation, Lesli does have a few suggestions. She found that with the enormous amount of snorkeling in the plus 30deg weather, the higher the sunscreen SPF the better. Even when remembering to reapply on backs and necks continually, the hot South Pacific sun can burn quickly. It is also a great idea to pack your own water shoes. With all the beach walking and swimming to be done on a Tahiti vacation, being guaranteed the comfort and proper fit of your own water shoes daily can certainly make the difference for your getaway! As for dining, Lesli found that although meals were relatively expensive (as are most things in Tahiti), the portion sizes in most restaurants are quite healthy and can easily be shared!

To learn more about Lesli’s trip or plan your own dream getaway to Tahiti, please contact Lesli at Lesli@lloydstravel.com

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