Travel Tips : Getting the most out of your cruise!

Travel Tips-Cruise
Heading off on a cruise soon? Here are some helpful hints to help you make the most of your time at sea!

1. Go to the designated dining sign up area as soon as you’ve gotten on the ship. The best time slots tend to go quickly so signing up early will help you get the dining experience you want.
2. Always plan to fly into your departure city the day before your cruise. There’s nothing worse than a delayed or canceled flight causing you to miss the departure. For some itineraries, it could even be several days or ports until there is an airport into which you can fly to join up with your cruise.
3. Be sure to check out any drink packages offered. Beverages add up quickly on board and it’s usually beneficial to purchase a package to cut down on costs. If you are thinking of purchasing one, do so at the beginning of the cruise, even one day of soft drinks, bottled water, a cocktail and a glass of wine with your meal can quickly add up!
4. Make sure you have your passport at embarkation. There are no exceptions, if you do not produce a valid passport, you will not be permitted on the ship.
5. Enlist a travel agent. Your agent’s expertise, advice and knowledge of cruises will ensure a stress free, well planned and memorable cruise!
6. Arriving at the port after the first big rush or crowds allows you time that can be well spent elsewhere. The closer you arrive at the port prior to embarkation, the more likely you are to walk straight onboard, missing the crowds!
7. Ask your travel agent about visa requirements for your trip. Some itineraries visit cities that require you to hold a valid visa to go ashore. Make you sure you don’t miss out by not bringing one!

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