On a recent trip to France, Bruce and Wendy visited the unique and historical town of Nantes. Once a bustling seaport in the estuary of the Loire, Nantes now offers an array of various art and cultural exhibits and festivals including Les Machine de L’ile; a unique attraction comprising of various animal inspired machines within the city’s former shipyards.
untitled-design-5The machines make up a whole series of moving, mechanical creatures, both on land and underwater that truly captures the spirit of history and creativity which characterizes Nantes. While there, Bruce and Wendy took in a ride on The Grand Elephant, a giant moving mechanical elephant whose trunk has been fitted to spray water at its surroundings. Inside is configured into multiple decks that can accommodate approximately 50 people. Each trip on the elephant takes about 30 minutes. It’s a fun and unique way to experience the cultural creativity of this neat port city.

While there, Bruce and Wendy stayed at the beautiful Radisson Blu hotel which used to be the old courthouse. As with all Radisson Blus, they found the hotel, including its delicious daily breakfast, to be excellent and perfectly located within the city. The city of Nantes itself is full of neat hotels, restaurants, and beautiful, historical architecture. Another highlight of their trip was a wonderful dinner out enjoying the delicious French experience of Steak and Frites! Both highly recommend Nantes as a unique stop on your next visit to France!

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