Anthem of the Seas

‘Anthem Of The Seas’ is Royal Caribbean’s second Quantum Class ship. She launched in April 2015, at a spectacular ceremony culminating in a performance by her godmother – travel agent (and rising star!) Emma Wilby. Alongside being the very last word in what makes a luxury liner, ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ is also a ‘smartship, utilising modern digital technology to revolutionise the cruise ship industry. There is little doubt that ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ represents a significant step forward for cruise holidays in general!

‘Quantum Class’

So what, precisely, is a ‘quantum class’ ship? Quantum Class is Royal Caribbean’s new classification for their most luxurious, most up to date, most comprehensively covered vessels. As things stand, there are currently three quantum class ships – ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ and her sisters, ‘Quantum Of The Seas’ and ‘Ovation Of The Seas’. Quantum class vessels represent a change in direction for Royal Caribbean, focusing on quality and technology rather than (as has been the case with previous classes) expanding on size. Quantum class vessels like ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ have 16 passenger-accessible decks, of which half contain lavish staterooms. Staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling ‘virtual portholes’ – screens which stream scenes from outside the ship. Balconies recessed into the superstructure are also a feature of staterooms, allowing visitors to enjoy the fresh air without having to head onto deck. All in all, quantum class vessels are designed to take the industry into the future, fully utilizing modern technology to do so, without compromising on the kind of comfort, luxury, and attention to detail to which customers have become accustomed.

On Board Adventures

One major way in which quantum class vessels in general, and ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ in particular expands upon what has gone before is the opportunities these vessels offer for on-board adventures. ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ features a climbing wall, a ‘Seaplex’ fairground, a range of pools, a running track, and a gym. However, it also offers the ‘North Star’ observation platform, which raises guests 300ft above sea level, and provides a 360-degree view of the surrounds. Then there’s the ‘Flowrider’ wave simulator, which lets users surf, bodyboard, and generally splash about. Perhaps most excitingly of all, IFly have provided their ‘ripcord’ experience, which effectively allows users to ‘skydive’ (or a very close approximation thereof) aboard the ship, surrounded by astonishing ocean views. After all of this, guests can take a breather at the amply equipped on board spa.


If you’re the kind who finds time spent with others the most entertaining thing of all, you could do a lot worse than head to ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ bionic bar, in which robotic bartenders mix and serve drinks. There are human-run bars as well, if the thought of a bionic bartender disturbs you! However, if you prefer your entertainment more ‘laid on’, you’ll be pleased to hear that ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ continues to draw the most interesting and fascinating names in music and theatre to entertain her eager patrons. The Two70 space is a panoramic-viewed seating area by day, and an interactive performance space by night, giving performers a wonderful arena to work with and entertain from. There is also a state of the art theatre aboard, which puts on lavish productions of acclaimed shows, featuring talented troupes and breathtaking performances. For music lovers, there is a Music Hall, which showcases some excellent musical talent and lets patrons dance the night away.


With all of this aboard, it’s hard to remember that this ship is also taking customers to wonderful and exotic destinations worldwide. But it is! ‘Anthem Of The Seas’ travels the world. Currently, she mostly cruises around the Caribbean and Americas, giving patrons an incredible opportunity to experience these parts of the world like never before. It is likely that her itinerary will change as the seasons progress, so if your preferred destination is not currently in her repertoire, keep an eye out! It is worth noting that ‘Anthem Of The Seas’, due to her state of the art nature and the excellence of what she has to offer, tends to book up pretty quickly – so, if you want to experience this ship, be prepared to book your berth well in advance!

Written by Sally Taylor