Want to experience multiple European countries in a relatively short time…? Recently one of our staff, Joanne, and her family, embarked on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise. Once aboard, they experienced 6 different countries all without the hassle of having to pack and unpack for each country they visited!

Starting in Barcelona, their cruise took them to Provence where they spent the day in the port city taking in the fisherman’s’ wharf and local markets. From there they sailed onto Livorno, where they took a local train through the beautiful countryside headed for Pisa where they saw the leaning tower and shops and restaurants in the village itself.

Other stops in Italy included a full day escorted tour of Rome; experiencing the Colosseum, the breathtaking architecture of Rome and the beautiful Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica. The next port was Naples where Joanne and her family took a tour of Pompeii and saw first hand the remnants and destruction left behind by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The fourth country on their cruise was Greece. With ports of call in both Athens and Mykonos, they experienced both the culture and scenic island beauty of Greece. One of the many highlights of their trip was renting scooters in Mykonos and touring the island at their own pace; there’s nothing like enjoying a delicious Greek lunch overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

After Greece, the cruise sailed on to the picturesque fjord port of Kotor, Montenegro. They spent the day hiking the hills surrounding the port until the ship began its scheduled sunset departure. Nearly every passenger was up on deck for this event and it remains one of the top highlights of the entire cruise. Onward they sailed to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where they took in the gorgeous walled city, swam in the Adriatic Sea and indulged in some Croatian cuisine.

The final port for this 12-night cruise was the romantic city of Venice. Here Joanne and family stayed on for three days taking in the amazing shops and quaint Italian restaurants, complete with a sunset Gondola ride. The family then took the short flight to Paris and spent 3 glorious days on a hop on hop off bus tour exploring this beautiful city. Their final night coincided with Euro Cup Final between France and Portugal and the city absolutely exploded with even more life and excitement – topping off a vacation they will never forget!

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