This year, 2017, marks the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Wendy and Bruce took a trip last year to France and took in the Vimy Ridge Memorial. Situated overlooking the Douai Plain, it is a beautiful memorial to all those who served for Canada during the First World War. The grounds of Vimy ridge are now owned by the Canadian Government and are immaculately tended. The Memorial consists of a series of monuments and a pair of Canadian graveyards. One graveyard is designated to those known soldiers, each identified by name, division number and a personal dedication. There is a second graveyard in which the unidentified Canadian soldiers were put to rest. In addition, nearby, there are other graveyards dedicated to other soldiers of other nationalities, such as British and Indian. Bruce and Wendy were particularly moved by the area where the battlefield between the Allies and Germans lays preserved. Just standing there one is struck by how physically close the two sides during one of the most grueling battles of WWI.

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