Are you single and love to travel? Well, traveling single usually means paying double occupancy and that can certainly add up over time. One Ocean Expeditions has the perfect setup for those traveling alone. With the option to share a double occupancy cabin with another single traveler, their amazing expeditions to Antarctica become instantly more affordable!

Once on board, everything is well suited to the single traveler. One Ocean ships are relatively small, making it very easy to meet others. With less than 100 passengers on board, mealtimes become perfect opportunities to mingle and enjoy conversations with different passengers each meal. Whether it is over breakfast; planning your day, or at dinner, discussing and bonding over common experiences enjoyed that day, mealtimes are a great chance to sit down and enjoy the company of others. Finding other travelers with common interests is made simple on One Ocean’s smaller ships. Sharing perhaps a mutual enjoyment of an afternoon cocktail during happy hour or a shared interest in common literature in the library, One Ocean truly provides ample opportunities for those traveling alone to enhance their expedition experience by sharing it with others they meet on the ship. Those with an avid interest in nature or photography will be sure to find other travelers equally interested in the talks given on board by naturalists and photographers as well. Nights are also conducive to small gatherings where a game of trivia or cards can become an entertaining way to spend time with newfound friends.
With the relatively small number of travelers on the expedition, plenty of opportunities to meet and converse with others present themselves daily during outings and activities as well. The twice daily zodiac trips out to explore this beautiful part of the world are a perfect example of another chance to enjoy a relatively intimate setting aboard the zodiacs and share your amazing scenic adventure with others.

Although perfect for all travelers with a keen interest in exploring the remote picturesque beauty of the Antarctic, One Ocean Expeditions truly offers an ideal intimate experience for those who embark on this once in a lifetime adventure alone! So, if you have always wanted to take in an Antarctic adventure, don’t let traveling alone deter you. One Ocean Expeditions is the perfect solution to your single traveler needs!