Thinking of your next cruise vacation? Consider booking with one of the smaller cruise lines and experience the benefits that smaller ship cruising can offer!

Windstar Wind Surf small ship luxury sail cruises
Exclusive, luxurious cruising with Windstar’s  Wind Surf

The differences between large ship and small ship cruising are numerous and your choice can certainly determine what type of vacation you experience. With many small ship cruise lines offering an ever-expanding variety of itineraries, small ship cruising may be the perfect choice for your next trip.  In addition to the advantage of smaller ships being able to access smaller and often quaint ports and destinations, your experience while on the ship is more exclusive as well.  While the larger ships sometimes carry upwards of 3000 to 5000 passengers, the smaller ships are less crowded and lend themselves perfectly to a more personal and intimate experience.

Star Clipper Royal Clipper, One Ocean Ioffe Antarctic Research, Avalon River Cruises Avalon Passion
Left: Star Clippers’ majestic “Royal Clipper”. Middle: One Ocean’s “Ioffe”, an Antarctic Research and cruise vessel. Right: Avalon’s newest ship “Avalon Passion”.

Once on board, the advantages of the smaller crowds are instantly obvious.  Gone are the long walks down crowded, narrow hallways and stairwells constantly rubbing elbows with other passengers. Gone also are the long line ups for things such as guest services and shore excursions, allowing for more personalized service and attention. Nothing compares to getting that afternoon coffee and delicious pastry from the on-board bistro without having to wait in a painstakingly slow-moving line! Also, for those days at sea, it is wonderful to be able to secure a lounger for a day of relaxation around the pool without fighting the crowds! As with larger ships, the food on board smaller ships is of the highest quality and the selection is tremendous! Meal times, however, are much more relaxed as you are not fighting the crowds and line ups in the main dining room.  Nothing is as frustrating as getting your plate of food at the buffet only to find all the seats are taken and there is nowhere to eat!

small ship cruising unique excursions, warm fine-dining, outstanding interpersonal connections
Small ship cruising equals fine dining in an intimate and exclusive atmosphere, excellent excursions to the most unique points of interest and to taste the very best of every destination.

Cruising, while either on a large ship or a smaller one, can be one of life’s most relaxing vacations!  When it’s time to plan your next one, consider trying out one of the smaller cruise lines to experience a more intimate and personal holiday!

small ship cruising luxury line star clippers
Set sail and take off. Ship’s ahoy!