Spotlight on the Caribbean: A Day in Anguilla

Travel to Anguilla with Lloyds Travel and Cruises and discover all the Caribbean has to offer

Recently Bruce and Wendy took a Caribbean cruise and chose to spend their day in port on St Maarten exploring the tiny neighboring island country of Anguilla!

Anguilla is very close to St Maarten/St Martin and is easily reached by a short 8 min flight offered a few times a day or a quick 20-minute ferry ride that departs every 30-45 minutes. The only other additional travel expense is a short taxi ride back and forth from the ship to either the ferry terminal or airport. Bruce and Wendy decided to experience both types of travel and flew across to Anguilla and took the ferry back from Blowing Point to St. Maarten at the end of the day.

Once on Anguilla, this picturesque island offers much to do! There are many beautiful sandy beaches to explore and the snorkeling is amazing. There are lots of hotels, shops and restaurants to visit or to stop and have a snack or a refreshing cocktail. Different companies offer various day tours of the island with some sailing over to Prickly Pear Cays where the abundance of tropical fish makes for an unrivaled snorkeling experience!

However you choose to spend your day on Anguilla make sure you are prepared when disembarking the ship. Anguilla is a separate country so passports and photo ID will need to be presented when entering and departing.

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