The 6 Most Beautiful Spots in Norway that you need to see

Norway is the perfect destination for a winter getaway. To get you excited, we have rounded up the 10 most picturesque sights to see. We know this will make you immediately add Norway to your bucket list!

North Cape

North Cape, Norway
The North Cape is the northernmost point of Europe where Atlantic Ocean meets Arctic Ocean. This is a brilliant spot for wildlife watching – you could see puffins or gannets, and you might even be able to catch a sighting of the Northern Lights.

Nidoras Cathedral

Nidoras Cathedral, Norway

This quintessential gothic cathedral that was built between 1070 and 1300. There is so much history in this site, from Vikings to Archbishops. The Cathedral has plenty to see and do, including the Museum of Erkebispegarden which features exciting archaeological finds. Not to mention the Cathedral itself, the architecture is insanely decorative with stained glass windows, statues and ornaments.


Fjords in Norway

 This 35km fjord is spectacular. It cuts sharply into the landscape, accompanied by cliffs on both sides. Experience lush green meadows, jaw-dropping mountain ranges and small isolated farms. It’s a definite must-see!


Alesund, Norway

The town of Alesund is a pretty collection of colours, towers and turrets. After a fire ripped through the town in 1904, young Norwegians were determined to rebuild the town and took inspiration form the period’s art style – Art Nouveau. Consequently art lovers will absolutely adore this place; there are so many architectural delights to gaze upon. Like something out of a story book, Alesund will delight people of all ages.

Trollstigen Pass

Trollstigen Pass, Norway

 One of Norway’s iconic roads, the Trollstigen Route – named “The Trolls Road” – curves up and around mountains, leaving you with dramatic views at every turn. The road is supported by stone walls and is carved deep into the mountainside. There are plenty of lookouts along the way, where you will be able to see the road from above and understand just how crazy it seems. You’ll also be taken across waterfalls too – the excitement continues.

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters, Norway

Don’t miss the Seven Sisters; a collection of seven waterfalls that are located in Geirangerfjorden. Try to visit when the water levels are high and you won’t be disappointed – possibly one of the best waterfalls you will ever see.


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Written by Hannah Poaros