River Cruising in Europe


Planning on travelling to Europe in 2018? Why not think about booking a River Cruise? There are a couple of rivers we recommend, read more about them below.

The Elbe

The Elbe River

The Elbe River runs through the Czech Republic to Germany. Expect to pass through cities such as Dresden, Worlitz, Meissen, Wittenburg and Magdeburg and experience a cultural tour of Germany and Eastern Europe.

In Wittenburg, explore Martin Luther’s home and discover the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation; admire delicate porcelain in Meissen and gaze upon castles in Worlitz. The Elbe is a beautiful waterway but far less travelled than the other major rivers in Europe.

The Elbe, Berlin to Prague

Due to the shallow waters and narrow, low bridges, less riverboats can navigate it. This is something to bear in mind as it is possible that if there are extremely low waters, ships might not sail or have limited sailing. However if you can go, you won’t regret it – especially once you see the glorious Sandstone Mountains.

Most river cruises go from Berlin to Prague, though the river doesn’t actually run through these. These are great cities to do pre and post stays in – what a great opportunity!


The Rhine, Amsterdam to Basel

The Rhine

The Rhine is a majestic river that travels through four countries and constitutes six different country borders.


Experience Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands on this exciting journey. If you choose to embark on a Rhine river cruise, you will be inundated with romantic sights including dreamy castles, charming vineyards and medieval villages. Most journeys will go from Amsterdam to Basel, or vice versa.


The Rhine River

Basel is a foodie’s delight with its traditional Basler Leckerli (small gingerbread biscuits) and other sweet treats! In Strasbourg, admire cobbled streets and canal systems while Rudesheim will provide you with the stunning gateway to the Rhine Gorge. Finish your journey in Amsterdam, a fascinating city full of elegant architecture and memories of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age.


Generally river cruises on the Rhine run from August to December – perfect for both summer and winter getaways!


The Danube

Chain Bridge, Budapest

The Danube is Europe’s second longest river and passes through 10 countries and four national capitals. Most cruises run from Hungary to Germany, though the river itself runs all the way to the Black sea. Expect to embark on daily excursions to a range of UNESCO world heritage sites if you choose this river.

Most cruises will start in Budapest, Hungary’s amazing capital that is perfect for explorers. Visit the iconic Chain Bridge, a suspension bridge that travels across the Danube between Buda and Pest. If that’s not enough excitement, then why not check out the Buda Castle, St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Szechenyi Thermal Baths.

The Danube, Prague to Budapest

From here, you will be taken to Vienna where you can indulge in classical music, dancing and food. No trip to Vienna would be complete without visiting the Museum district – a pure artistic journey. After you’ve been bowled over my Vienna’s romance, you will be whisked away to Germany. Enjoy many sightseeing opportunities in Passau and Regensburg before finishing your trip in Nuremberg, Czech Republic. Add on a post-stay in Prague and this will truly be a magical vacation.





There you have it. Three of Europe’s most scenic river cruise destinations. Which one takes your fancy? Get in contact with Deborah@lloydstravel.com or your favourite Lloyds travel agent to discuss your holiday options. We can find the perfect itinerary for you!


Written by Hannah Poaros