What to expect on an Antarctic Cruise

A cruise to the polar regions of the world is truly a trip like no other! Taking part in a One Ocean Expedition to the Antarctic is a once in a lifetime adventure. The minute you are onboard you are immersed in an atmosphere of knowledge, observation, learning and appreciation of this remote, picturesque part of the world and all the animals that call it home.

The ship itself is relatively small, affording the traveler a unique and intimate experience interacting and getting to know the other travelers and crew on a daily basis. With only 92 people on board, you may enjoy the company of different passengers sharing your table each meal. Here in the freezing cold temps of the southern pole, the meals are delicious, hearty and wholesome. Plenty of fresh, savoury soups, lots of fresh bread and an excellent selection of items from the salad bar. All are sure to satisfy your hungry after a day out exploring on the sea and ice.

Everyday there are naturalists, photographers and other experts on board offering talks on everything from the history of the Antarctic, detailed information on all the different species of animals you will encounter as well as photography tips on getting the best photos of the wildlife and surroundings. Zodiac trips are run twice daily from the ship to take you up close to penguins, humpback whales, dolphins and seals just to name a few. Each trip in the zodiac is a personal nature lesson, watching majestic animals interacting in their natural habitat. In some of the bays and areas you visit you can take kayaks out and make your own way around and up close to the icebergs.

Experiencing this remote scenic nature so up close and personally will truly take your breath away. A cruise aboard One Ocean Expeditions will have you returning spiritually uplifted and cherishing precious memories forever.