One of our agents, Lesli, is preparing for a trip of a lifetime – to Namibia! She is joining National Geographic Journeys for a 10 day wildlife and cultural tour. Her excitement is infectious; so we thought it’s about time we share with you her itinerary and reasons to book – here are the top 5:

1. Visit colourful desertscapes of Sesriem and Sossusvlei:-

Namibia Desert
Discover the gorgeous reds and oranges of the Namib desert; explore the Sesriem Canyon and the Tsauchab River; and take pictures of the high sand dunes that make this area famous.

2. Spot unusual wildlife including oryx, hyenas, zebra and springbok:-

Slender Springbok

The amazing creatures that call these arid African plains home, will surprise and stun you with their beauty. Keep an eye out for the slender Springbok who are often on the run from small clans of spotted Hyenas. Who wants to see a wild Zebra? We do!

3. See the amazing ancient petroglyphs  & Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site:–

These prehistoric carvings, located in Twyfelfontein, are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There are over 2,500 carvings as well as rock paintings that depict hunter-gatherer stories and shaman rituals. This is no doubt a fascinating insight into Stone Age Africa.

4. Gaze in wonder across the Etosha National Park:-

Lion Etosha National Park
Contrasting to the desert scenery of the south, Etosha National Park is a popular park that features open grasslands. It is the perfect place to watch for wildlife and embark on a Safari Drive. There are many waterholes that attract all kinds of animals. You could see lions, giraffes, elephants and if you’re very lucky – a black rhino!

5. Learn about Cheetah Conservation efforts:-

Cheetah Conservation
Don’t miss out on visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund where you can understand the research, education and outreach work that are ongoing in aid of saving the cheetah. Then see these creatures in the wild and understand why they are worth protecting!

This is a National Geographic Journeys exclusive, so contact us today to find out more information on this special stop.


Stay tuned for updates on Lesli’s Namibia trip – we can’t wait to find out what she gets up to! If this awesome blog post has put Namibia on your bucketlist, why not contact or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent – and get started on planning your African adventure today.


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Written by Hannah Poaros