Windstar Cruises– what are they like?


Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises


Windstar Cruises has six vessels – some have motorized sails; some are power yachts. Wind Surf is their biggest yacht, being able to sleep 310 guests, whilst Wind Star and Wind Spirit are the smallest with a passenger capacity of 148. These smaller ships can go to places that larger ships cannot reach!


Windstar have a great selection of itineraries that range from Alaska & Canada to Costa Rica & Panama Canal. You can cruise to 59 nations and stop at 173 ports throughout Europe, South Pacific, the Caribbean and Central America – what’s not to love?

Explore Tahiti on their Tahiti & the Tuamotu Islands cruise and celebrate French Polynesia at its best. If you’re after a journey that explores Europe, Windstar also has you covered with several itineraries that take you to Italy, Greece, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Ever thought about discovering South-East Asia? Windstar offers  sailings that take you from Singapore to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Bangkok. Really, the variety of locations that Windstar can take you to is hard to beat.

On-board facilities:

All of Windstar’s yachts have spacious cabins which are perfectly designed for you to enjoy. All vessels have more than one dining room and most give you the option to eat outside. There tends to be an excellent selection of food where the nightly menu is specialized to include seasonal ingredients from local ports. You will often get ‘fresh daily’ fruit, vegetables and fish. Lookout for the desserts; the Chefs save the best till last!

Not only is the food a magical culinary experience, but take advantage of the ships’ water-sports platforms where you can launch paddleboards as well as kayaks and may even have the option of scuba diving! As one might expect, entertainment on board is quite different from big ships. There is usually a piano bar and singers, and perhaps some local entertainers from one of the ports. The on board experience is very relaxed and there are always destination experts to keep everyone informed about the area where the ship is currently sailing.

Windstar Cruises


Most passengers are from North America; English is the language on board. The ships rarely carry children and the average age of guests is approximately 50-70.


They even offer a private cultural event on land at some gorgeous destinations. Enjoy the scenery without the crowds!

Windstar Cruises

If you would like to enquire about what Windstar Cruises are available, please contact or your favourite Lloyds travel agent! You’ll never forget your small ship cruising experience!


Written by Hannah Poaros