To get you ready for the New Year, we have rounded up some of the hottest destinations for 2018.

Many of these places are on our wish-list already and they should be on yours! From the beautiful waters of the South Pacific to the historical streets of Europe, this list is sure to get you daydreaming of your next epic vacation.

2018 Destinations Visit New Year

1. South Africa:

From famous vineyards around Cape Town to Safari lodges in Kruger National Park, South Africa is an exciting location for adventurers as well as honeymooners! Go bungee jumping, paragliding, hiking and surfing – there’s no shortage of things to do. We love South Africa – a culturally rich country with a fierce history that’s just waiting for you to visit.

New Year South Africa

2. Greece:

For starters, Greece hosts an amazing array of UNESCO heritage sites, vibrant beaches and impressive monuments. If you have never been to Greece before, it’s time you added it to your Europe bucket list. Indulge in tasty Greek food and drink, see the Acropolis in Athens and island hop around the Aegean Sea.

New Year Greece

3. Tahiti & the Islands of French Polynesia:

When mentioning Tahiti, it is hard not to picture the romantic over-water bungalows that islands such as Bora Bora are famous for. There are 118 Islands of French Polynesia – each full of turquoise waters, beautiful beaches and warm temperatures. Be ready for white, pink and black sand accompanied with plenty of lagoons – a beach lover’s paradise. Not to mention the friendly local people are as welcoming as they come, offering you flower necklaces as gifts.

New Year Bora Bora

4. Sri Lanka:

Fast becoming a hot tourist destination, Sri Lanka is a colourful island nation brimming with history, culture and irresistible adventures. You can visit tea plantations, take a fun train ride, volunteer in an elephant sanctuary and swim with blue whales. Not to mention the UNESCO heritage sites such as the City of Anuradhapura – the scared heart of Buddhism on the island.

New Year Sri Lanka

Do any of these sound appealing to you? Please contact your favourite Lloyds Travel agent to find out the best way to visit these wonderful places. Whatever your travel dreams are, we can help them come true in 2018!

Have a very happy holidays – we look forward to seeing you in the new year!