Are you planning that dream trip to Iceland and you are wondering what items you should pack? Whatever the season Iceland is known for having cooler temperatures, frequent rain and snow-covered hiking trails. Even when the sun is shining in the middle of summer, day time temperatures may not rise above 12 degrees!

Snow Boots Iceland

The Essentials:

Warm, waterproof jacket – One essential item on your list is a warm, waterproof jacket. You will definitely need this to combat all the elements. If you’re visiting Iceland in the Winter, opt for a thicker padded jacket that can keep you warm in minus temperatures. In summer, choose a jacket that you’re comfortable wearing when the sun’s out but that’s still waterproof.

Waterproof boots/snow boots/hiking boots – We recommend taking two pairs of sturdy shoes that have a good grip and at least one of them needs to be waterproof for when you’re standing under that gushing waterfall.

Fleeced leggings – These are a life saver! Fleeced leggings are so comfy, stylish and practical that they are a must-have for Iceland – especially when you’re embarking on a hike or settling down for an evening of camping.

Beanie, scarf and gloves – Have at least one of each to help protect you from Iceland’s strong gales. There’s nothing like getting ice-cold hands, is there?

Swimwear – Don’t go to Iceland without some fancy swimwear! There are just too many hot tubs, swimming pools and geothermal rivers to try out that you will really regret it if you don’t take a bathing suit…

And you will definitely need:

• Towel
• Thermal underwear
• Backpack
• Camera
• Poncho – Especially useful for quick changing weather conditions!
• Sweaters
• Waterproof pants
• Eye mask, sunglasses, sunscreen (for summer)
• One nice outfit – In case you want to hit up a classy restaurant in Reykjavik…
• Long socks
• Thermos
• Toiletries
• Travel adaptor

Handy to have:

• Books
• Music
• Guide book
• Snacks! (Bring food with you to save money)

We think that with this list you will be prepared for any Icelandic adventure, no matter which way the weather decides to turn! If we’ve forgotten anything, please let us know in the comments below.

For more information on travelling in Iceland, please check out our previous blog post on Tips for Travelling Iceland’s Ring Road. If this is enough to inspire you to check out this beautiful country, please contact one of our friendly Lloyds travel agents today by sending an email to!