As you will know, Lesli went on an epic adventure to Namibia last October with National Geographic Journeys and G Adventures. Namibia is a country in Southwest Africa which is known for having amazing wildlife including a large Cheetah population. Lesli’s itinerary was varied and full of exciting experiences so we asked her some questions! If you are considering booking a trip to Namibia, make sure you read through her advice here first or even better – reach out to Lesli by emailing where you can talk to her directly about her first-hand experience.

What would you consider the three highlights of your trip?

There were so many amazing things about Namibia – it was really full-on! I have to say that the scenery was a definite highlight. The sand dunes are massive, I mean they have one called “Big Daddy” and the name doesn’t lie! If you’ve always wanted to see large sand dunes then Namibia is somewhere you can tick this off your bucket list – try climbing up one or sandboarding down. In contrast to the rolling sand dunes is the stark lunar-like landscape – you feel very far away from anywhere when you’re in the middle of the Namib Desert. Lastly, the rhinos! Our group was lucky enough to see 8 Rhinos in 2 days – that’s practically unheard of…

Big Daddy Sand Dune Namibia
Big Daddy

What was the food like, and did you try anything new?

The food in Namibia has many different influences – German, South African – so the cuisine was varied. I did try some new meats such as zebra, springbok, eland and oryx – which was interesting!

Zebra Namibia
Mountain Zebras

Would you recommend this destination to others, and what type of travelers do you think this trip would suit most?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Namibia to other travelers! It’s a fabulous country full of wildlife, Africa’s oldest and most dramatically beautiful desert landscape and history. However, there is miles of driving to get from A to B on mainly gravel roads unless you are flying between places. This is something that you have to bear in mind as it is not for everyone! Namibia is not colourful like other African countries and is sparsely populated, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re keen to explore somewhere that is still a hidden secret.

Cheetah Namibia

What was your accommodation like, and if staying in more than one – which was your favourite?

National Geographic Journeys are all about getting really involved with the places you are visiting, so we stayed in a combination of local guest houses, hotels and lodges that were all unique. My absolute favourite was Ugab Terrace Lodge due to the unbelievable views. Ugab is in the perfect location for photography – since it is on the top of a ridge, you can see the flat-topped mountain plateau in the distance which is beautiful. Situated between Damaraland and Etosha National Park, this lodge is a good stop-off point for anyone who wants to take in the scenery and relax for a night or two.


What would be your three travel tips for someone going to this destination?

Okay so number one – pack a Bandana or Buff. These items will protect against strong gusts of wind and act as sand or dust screens, which you’ll definitely want when you’re adventuring in the Namib Desert. Secondly – you need good photography equipment. The scenery is so different to other countries plus when you’re on a game drive, you’ll really want photographic evidence of your wildlife sightings – especially if you get to see Cheetahs and Rhinos! For my third tip, I would say that you should come to Namibia with a good dose of patience. You will spend hours driving down long roads as well as waiting in safari vehicles for that perfect view of the animals.

Namib Desert
Namib Desert



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Written by Hannah Poaros