Reasons to use a Travel Agent instead of Booking Online


Considering booking your dream vacation online rather than with a Travel Agent? Think again! Here are some of the best reasons and advantages of using a local travel professional for your next holiday.

Use a Travel Agent
1. Travel Agents are Specialists with experience.

Due to the nature of their job, Travel Agents have often visited the places you want to travel to. They have a wealth of knowledge to share with you, will spend time working out what your interests are and help you develop the vacation that you really want. In addition, most Travel Professionals will be specialists in one or two areas such as Destination Weddings, Ocean Cruising or Sun Holidays, meaning you can find the perfect agent for your booking.

2. All the research is done for you, saving you time.

Yes, there are countless websites offering information about every country in the world. Ever heard of information overload? Often, travelers can spend far too much time surfing the internet before a trip, leaving them more confused than when they started. Why not let someone else do the research for you?

3. They will find deals aplenty; deals you won’t find yourself.

It is a myth that the best deals are always found online. Travel Agents have a wide range of resources to help them track down the best price on flights, hotels, airport transfers, tours and more! They can price match and will often save you money, due to having no hidden fees (like some online booking sites). A Travel Agent will go above and beyond to provide you with the ultimate value for money.

4. As the world deals with natural disasters, you’ll want someone covering your back.

As seen in 2017, the globe is having to tackle an increasing number of unforeseen natural disasters. Unpredictable weather conditions means that travel is becoming harder to plan. Use a travel agent and you can have peace of mind knowing that they will do everything they can to hold reservations when you’re not sure or re-arrange your itinerary, should something happen. Last minute changes, flight delays and cancellations can be easily dealt with.

5. Personalized service will leave you feeling like a VIP.

Online bookings don’t come with any customer service. You book and pay for your holiday, then that’s it. When you use a Travel Agent, they will make you feel like their number one guest from the get go. They will follow through on all your requirements, whether it’s adding a night on to that all-inclusive package or tracking down the best driver for your airport transfer. Travel agents understand that no-one wants the same holiday as someone else – personalization is key.

6. Travel Insurance won’t be forgotten.

Travel Agents will always offer you travel insurance with your booking and are licensed to sell Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Full Coverage for Medical Emergencies and more. Sometimes, purchasing travel insurance can be tricky when booking online and you may not know the exact coverage you’re getting. Let someone sit down and explain to you the advantages of each type of policy – so that you’re fully prepared in case something goes wrong on your trip.

7. You don’t have the connections or ability to liase with suppliers across the Globe.

Agents often have connections and partnerships with various companies, meaning that they can offer you deals, upgrades or perks that you otherwise wouldn’t get.

8. In an Emergency, it is easier to get hold of a Travel Agent than an online booking company.

Calling an online booking agent or tour operator is painful. You can often find yourself on hold for hours or not knowing who to speak to. When you use a Travel Agent, they can do this for you. Travel Agents are your personal go-to, acting on your behalf, and offering assistance whenever you need it.

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Written by Hannah Poaros