March 2018
Elephant Thailand
Visit an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand Hundreds of tourists go to Asia and hope to snap awesome selfies with animals, not realizing the harm they are doing. Heavy animal abuse exists in countries such as Thailand, China and Vietnam and by participating in tourist activities like elephant rides, you could be furthering the damage. Many...
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India The Ganges
Take a River Cruise down the Ganges Experience India in a totally unique way when you take a river cruise down the Ganges.  Perfect for adding on to an India “Golden Triangle” trip, this river cruise will show you religious, local and historical sights that will complement the big city attractions. From luxury to adventure,...
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6 Photos that show you South India’s extraordinary landscapes South India has a brilliant variety of sights to see and differs greatly to North India.  The climate is hotter and the food is spicier, but that’s not all.  Here you’ll find beautiful rolling countryside, colourful temples and French architecture as well as lagoons, lakes and...
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The Top 6 sightseeing spots in North India There are so many reasons to visit North India – the culture, the food, the people – but if you need to know some specifics of what you can see when you’re there, here’s our top 6 awe-inspiring sights. The Red Fort, Delhi – Built in the...
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Azamara Cruises
Experience the wonders of the United Arab Emirates, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore when you cruise the Spice Route from Dubai to Singapore!  Cruising is the best way to see this colourful, colonial route, and the voyage will be an insight into the journeys that the spice traders once took.  Some highlights...
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