Your guide to travelling Suriname & Guyana


Your guide to travelling Suriname & Guyana

Recently Wendy and Robert embarked on a South American vacation that saw them exploring Guyana and Suriname – two countries that have minimal tourism and are unknown to many. 

Suriname Guyana

Where are they situated?

  • Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are three countries that are nestled into the Northern part of South America. With Venezuela to the west of Guyana and Brazil to the South, these countries are very easy to miss when it comes to travelling South America.

Why should I go?

  • In Guyana you have the opportunity to see Kaeiteur Falls – the world’s largest one drop waterfall. The experience is pretty spectacular in itself since it involves jumping on a plane through the jungle, viewing the falls from above and then walking around the ridge line of the falls. You can no longer go down to the bottom of the falls, but this day trip is still very impressive!  You will love the lack of tourists at this waterfall, it is not rare to have it completely to yourself.  Since Guyana is known for its natural landscapes you could extend your trip by journeying through the savannas, rivers and mountains whilst staying in Jungle Lodges.
  • Suriname is a green country, largely untouched and is perfect for getting off-the-beaten track. Explore the historic centre of Paramaribo to see colonial buildings, then go off road in a 4 x 4 to discover the beauty of nature in the savanna.  This adventurous drive will see you going through large water pools, hills, swamp, sandy areas and forest.  A whole day tour with Busiwagi will add fun to your visit in Suriname!  Other possible activities could include visiting old plantations or cruising down the Commewijne River to spot pink river dolphins.


What type of food can I expect?

  • Both Suriname and Guyana are multi-ethnic countries so expect to find a range of food. Everything from Chinese to Thai or Indian to Surinamese.  One of our recommendations would be The Garden of Eden in Paramaribo, Suriname.  This Thai restaurant has a lovely ambience with an exotically decorated outside dining area where you can dip your toes in the sand.  Reservations would be necessary!

What languages do the locals speak?

  • In Guyana, the official language is English. Most of the population speak their own Creole language.
  • In Suriname, the official language is Dutch. They also have a local Creole language.

What kind of traveler are these countries best for?

  • You need to be an adventurous traveler who is looking for something a little different. If you’re wanting an exciting jungle experience then Guyana or Suriname would be ideal.  Both can offer you amazing scenery – large stretches of the Amazon that remain unspoiled as well as the rolling plains of the Savannahs.  There are plenty of activities to do if you are prepared to go a little out of your comfort zone: hiking and sleeping in the jungle, taking a small boat down one of the rivers and getting acquainted with local communities that still live in the rainforest.
  • Both Guyana and Suriname are close to the Caribbean islands, so it may also be of interest to travelers that are planning a Caribbean vacation. Add on a visit to Suriname or Guyana if you want more than just a beach front holiday.

What should I pack?

  • Everything you would pack for a hot, summer vacation! That includes sunglasses, shorts, breathable t-shirts, sun hat, sandals, running shoes, bathing suit and of course – a camera. No formal wear required!

Suriname Guyana

Want to know more?  Inspired to visit two of South America’s less traveled destinations?  Get in contact with us here at Lloyds Travel – our knowledgeable staff will help get you on your way to this jungle paradise!