Cruising the Galapagos with G Adventures

Early this year, Wendy & Bruce, were lucky enough to embark on a Galapagos Cruise with G Adventures.  This truly is a trip of a lifetime for nature-lovers, so here’s the rundown!

Galapagos Cruise

Your Ship

Welcome aboard!  The Yolita is an adventure vessel so is equipped with everything you need to be comfortable on your journey.  Cabins are practical and basic, featuring either 1 king bed or 2 twin beds.  Each room has adequate storage in the form of an open area with 4 shelves, and a designated space for your suitcase. Bathrooms are plain with limited toiletries, so we recommend bringing your own.  Cabins have good size windows which can be opened and covered with drop down curtains – perfect for those sticky, hot nights.

The layout of the Yolita is designed so that passengers can be sociable.  It is important to note that this is a small ship with only 16 passengers, so you’ll have to be up for mingling with your cruise mates.   With an outside deck kitted out with lounge chairs and a sophisticated dining room, you’ll have more than enough space to sit back and relax.

Your Crew

The G Adventures crew are always on hand, very professional and safety conscious.  Even if you’re nervous about cruising, snorkeling or any of the activities – the crew and guide will be there to assist you!  The Guides are very knowledgeable and will give presentations each night about different topics on the wildlife in the Galapagos.  You’ll definitely come away from the cruise with not only new experiences, but also new information.

Your Trip

This is an expedition so you’re not going to be spending all of your time relaxing onboard. Instead, you can expect around 3 excursions a day – including 1 or 2 snorkeling sessions. Highlights of the excursions might be swimming with hammerhead sharks, walking amongst colourful birds or snorkeling with stingrays, tortoises and fish.   The animals in the Galapagos National Park do not fear humans – this is their territory – so they are quite content and unwilling to move, meaning you will get the opportunity to see lots of species that are simply enjoying their natural environment.  Photographers will love the Galapagos because the animals just pose for pictures!


Galapagos G Adventures Trip

So, what are you waiting for? More information on visiting the Galapagos can be found on our previous post: Wildlife to see in the Galapagos.  If you would like to book a trip to the Galapagos, please email or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent.  We look forward to helping you plan this incredible adventure!