Uniworld River Cruise

Why River Cruise with Uniworld

River cruise line, Uniworld, is luxury travel at it’s best. With a variety of itineraries that range from Central Europe to Russia or India, there is something here for every traveler.

There are just some things that Uniworld does best and here they are:

    • Unique Design.

      Uniworld Lounge

Uniworld’s ships are all different and these are no normal river cruise vessels. They feature custom-made furniture and decadent décor inspired by 20th Century Paris, baroque Vienna or other such luxurious time periods. The ships are designed to be destinations in themselves and to reflect the countries that you are visiting. If you decide to river cruise with Uniworld, you will find that your room is just as bespoke as the communal areas – so no other guest is having exactly the same experience as you. Just think – it’s like your own personal art gallery!

  •  Authentic Service.

    Uniworld Staff

Service is personalized just like everything else. Uniworld staff are known for their welcoming attitude and attention to detail. They strive to make sure that all your requests are met, so that you can get the most out of your special river cruise. In fact, their motto is “no request too large, no detail too small”!

  •  Boutique, local wines & farm-to-table cuisine.

    Uniworld Food

Uniworld doesn’t have set menus or pre-packaged foods. All meals are prepared using ingredients from the local country-side that you’re sailing through. Wines are from the region you’re visiting and are always thoughtfully chosen depending on what’s on the menu for dinner.

  • Special Family Cruise departures.

    Uniworld Welcome

If you’re looking for a family-friendly River Cruise, then why not check out Uniworld’s Generations Collection? These sailings have special excursions and programs that cater to adults, teenagers and youngsters alike. Everything is tailored to your family’s interests and ages, so each of you can come home with memories of exciting adventures. Plus, children between 4 – 17 years old are entitled to discounted fare when travelling with an adult – it’s half-off! This is the perfect opportunity to take the grandchildren on vacation…

  • And of course – it’s all inclusive!

    River Empress Patio

We’re talking all gratuities, airport transfers, in-suite butler service, onboard dining, unlimited beverages, selection of personalized excursions, fitness centre, wellness classes, internet and onboard entertainment! Could you really ask for anything else?

If you would like more information on River Cruising with Uniworld, please email Deborah@lloydstravel.com or your Favourite Lloyds Travel Agent. For more articles on River Cruising, please refer to our related blog posts here.


Written by Hannah Poaros