What to Pack for a European Winter River Cruise

Europe Winter

What to Pack for a European Winter River Cruise

Europe is no stranger to cold temperatures, wet weather and forecasts of snow. If you’re taking a river cruise during a European Winter, this is the weather you need to be prepared for – as well as lots of walking outside on your shore excursions. Most of the cities you are likely to be travelling to will have pedestrian cobblestone streets or marvelous town squares. You won’t want to miss experiencing these places like the locals do, so it’s important you take the right footwear and clothes for the environment.

Winter Europe
• Comfy, well-padded walking shoes or winter boots – preferably water, rain OR snow proof.

Last year Europe has had quite a bit of snow and it isn’t very enjoyable when your shoes soak through in 30 seconds is it? That’s why we recommend taking at least one pair of shoes that are waterproof, because even if you don’t get snow, you WILL get rain.

• Thermal leggings, thermal tops, thermal everything – just think thermal.

If you’ve got any merino wool items lying around that you haven’t put to good use recently, then be sure to take them on your winter river cruise. Temperatures can drop quite suddenly, and you’ll especially feel the chill in the air when you’re cruising down the river. Dressing for warmth is the key to enjoying your cruise!

• A long coat as well as scarves, gloves and hats – you need them.

You may think you can forgo all these accessories, but you really can’t. As mentioned, it’s COLD in Europe. Walking tours stop frequently to admire the sights, and if you are not wrapped up warm then the damp will really get into you.

• One “dress-to-impress” item – the rest of your wardrobe should be casual.

River Cruises are pretty relaxed in their attire so you don’t need to worry about packing all your fancy clothes. We suggest taking one nice outfit (think Business Casual) for the Gala night, but apart from that everything’s pretty much jeans and sweaters. You are on vacation though, so don’t be afraid to pack whatever outfits you feel most comfortable in – and if that’s the expensive black suit at the back of your closet then so be it!

Vienna Winter
So that’s your clothes sorted! Don’t forget to take the usual travel essentials like camera, phone, plug adaptor and guidebook. For more information on River Cruising, please see our related blog posts Know Before You Go River Cruising or Why River Cruise with Avalon Waterways?.

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Written by Hannah Poaros