Technology top tips for River Cruising

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Technology top tips for River Cruising

Looking for some helpful tips on River Cruising in Europe? Read our advice and learn what to expect from your vacation, before getting on the cruise ship. Here, we focus on technology!

Technology River Cruising
• Bring the right adaptor

You don’t want to be left with uncharged phones and dead ipads with no way to charge them! River Cruise Ships tend to use the European plug system, so make sure you bring at least one of these adaptors with you.

• Be prepared for intermittent Wifi

The likelihood for river cruising is that on the ship, you may not be able to access wifi or internet. Even if the companies say that the cruise ship includes wifi, it does not mean that this internet access will be continuous. This is because, at stages, you will be travelling through remote areas. If you’re obsessed with keeping tabs on people back home or want to upload real-time Instagram posts for the duration of your trip, be sure to use the Wifi when you’re on land!

• Fall in love with Vox Box devices

On most river cruises, shore excursions are conducted with help from Vox Box devices. These devices transmit signals that allow you to hear the tour guide even when you’re slightly further away. They are comprised of a box and earphones. These are a great invention which stops groups having to crowd together to listen to the tour guide. Though the signals are not transmitted that far, in terms of distance, they are transmitted far enough that you can take a few steps back from the group and linger a little longer at your favourite site.

• Pack your own set of headphones

Some Vox Boxes allow you to plug in your personal headphones or earphones so that you can listen in comfort. Though this is not the case for all river cruise lines, we recommend packing your own gear anyway.


We think you will be fully prepared for your River Cruise with these top tips! To enquire about booking your next one, please get in contact with or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent. For further information on River Cruising, please see our Know Before You Go article.

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Written by Hannah Poaros