Three unmissable places in Portugal


Three unmissable places in Portugal

Are you thinking of a Portugal vacation but unsure of where to start?  We have some first hand knowledge to share with you, regarding the best sights to see and ways to avoid a long city stay in Lisbon.


Obidos Portugal

Obidos is a walled town about 75km from Lisbon, where there has been a living community from the days of the Celts, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Moors, and then in the Middle Ages, the Portugese.  People still live inside and outside the walls, and it’s a great place to visit for local crafts, interesting shopping, historic buildings and lots of small restaurants.  Definite highlights of a trip to Obidos would be staying in the Obidos Castle for a night, as well as walking the entire Perimeter of the town wall.  This walk is only for the adventurous though as it has no safety railings!

Nazare Municipality

Nazare Portugal

Nazare, a small fishing village, is now more of a surfing destination.  The beach is large and beautiful, but the waves are too big to swim in, and the surf continually pounds the beach.  The noise is incredible and stunning.  Consequently, Nazare is now one of the most popular seaside towns of the Silver Coast.  There are lots of small shops and restaurants in and around this spot, but not many hotels.  It’s a very local place, and a nice alternative to visiting the big city – it is about 80km away from Lisbon.

Sao Miguel, Azores Islands

Sao Miguel Portugal

Stay on Sao Miguel for a slice of island life.  Here you’ll find lush, green landscapes complimented with views of the mountains.  The roads are in great condition so you can drive the whole island easily.  There are lots of small businesses, local crafts, wine and liquers as well as tea plantations.  For water enthusiasts, this is an island where you can go whale watching, deep sea fishing and sailing.  There are lots of whales and dolphins around the island – so chances are you’ll see at least one!


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