Yellowknife Adventures – Tips and Tricks

Canada’s Northwest Territories should not be overlooked.  For iconic winter fun, you have to go between mid-November to mid-April.

Take a Dog Sledding ride

Want to feel a little adrenaline rush? Book yourself a Dog Sledding ride, and enjoy the stunning scenery in the snow as you whizz around a perfect winter wonderland.   We recommend Beck’s Kennels who offer a range of Dog Sledding options – everything from Drive Your Own Dog team to Dog Sled Racing or even multi-day Dog Sledding Expeditions.  Expect to go around 20km per hour with an excitable pack of dogs – and the excitement is contagious!

Warm Clothing is crucial

You might think your average ski gear is all you’ll need to battle the minus temperatures in Yellowknife – but you couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s just not adequate!  Since temperatures can hit the -30s, it’s best to rent extra gear when you’re there.  You’ll definitely need a jacket, gloves and pants so that you can face that wind chill head on.

Aurora Viewing in the Aurora Village

For a unique viewing experience, head over to the Aurora Village.  Here you can enjoy heated outdoor viewing seats that turn 360 degrees! This means you won’t miss a second of the lights!  There are also white teepees around the edge of the lake, equipped with wood stoves and hot drinks – this is one night you’ll remember.

Fix your camera to the specific settings

To get the perfect photos of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), you’ll need to change your camera settings.  Your camera will need to have certain features in order to capture the lights effectively.  For starters, the setting will need to be on ‘Manual’ not ‘Automatic’! Then you will want to adjust settings such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture – depending on how clear the skies are, as well as how fast the lights are moving.  Don’t forget to research photography techniques beforehand – it is 100% worth the effort!

Book a stay at Blachford Lodge

Blachford Lodge is one of a kind.  The lodge is located far away from roads and is accessed by plane from Yellowknife, making it the perfect oasis away from civilization.  The journey there is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but your adventure has only just begun. At Blachford, you will have the opportunity to go cross country skiing, snowmobile touring, snowshoeing, igloo building and other unique activities!  Sounds like a winter vacation to remember, doesn’t it?

Allow 3 to 5 days for your whole trip

To fully experience all that Yellowknife has to offer, you’ll want to plan at least a 3-5 day trip.  That gives you just enough time to relax, venture out Aurora Viewing and enjoy a couple other adventures.

Interested in visiting Yellowknife?  Contact or your favourite Lloyds Travel Agent and we’ll answer any questions you may have to help you plan your best winter vacation yet!