Cycling Prince Edward Island & Cape Breton

Prince Edward Island

Cycling Prince Edward Island & Cape Breton

When planning an action-packed vacation, why not consider somewhere closer to home?  Canada is lined with plenty of scenic trails – everything from hiking to biking. Why not try cycling part of the Trans Canada trail and visit the beautiful Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton? Bruce and Wendy just came back from an active cycling trip to these wonderful locations, and they have some tips to share:

Grab an E-Bike (or, at least consider this option)

An E-bike is especially helpful when cycling the Cape Breton/Cabot Trail part of the route, since it is full of rolling hills that can be difficult for even the most advanced riders! Having an e-bike will mean that getting up those hills is faster, easier and more efficient! It will also make sure that all members of the group can keep up with one another – gone are the days of waiting around for the others to catch up with you!

Don’t rush the Confederation Trail (Prince Edward Island’s part of the Trans Canada trail)

The Confederation trail is made up of an abandoned railway line, meaning that it is an easy, flat trail suitable for all ages and abilities.  Not only this but the scenery is spectacular – enjoy stunning countryside panoramas as well as charming villages and picturesque sea views.  What’s not to love?  There’s so much to see on this little island that you could spend your whole vacation here!

Stay at the Inn at Bay Fortune (and splash out on their feast)

The Inn at Bay Fortune has to be one of the best accommodations along the Confederation Trail (the PEI part of the trip) due to its boutique, country inn décor, scenic views and farm to table experience.  Make sure you book the FireWorks Feast dinner – which includes a guided tour of the organic farm, a walk round the outdoor firepits whilst tasting Oysters AND a multi-course family-style dinner created by local chefs using local ingredients and cooked in a big fire stove! It is an amazing experience not to be missed.

Consider your group (the PEI part of the trail is suitable for all levels; Cape Breton is more challenging)

The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton takes you on a journey past dramatic cliffsides and striking ocean views, but is a more challenging cycle route than the Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island.   A family group with young children could take on PEI no problem, but might need to save Cape Breton for when the kids are older and have a higher fitness level!

Pack the right clothes (as with any bike trip, you’ll need layers)

Summer is the best time of year to embark on a cycling trip, so your first round of packing should include all those summer favourites as well as biking shorts and good quality, breathable active gear – as you’re likely to sweat a LOT when biking for hours a day!  With early starts, you’ll also want to pack some warmer gear for the cool morning temperatures (clothing items that you can layer up are the best).

Cape Breton


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