Canal du midi

Highlights of Cycling the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi is located in Southern France and is 240km long.  The historic waterway connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and is a must-see when in France! With dedicated cycle paths along the Canal, it makes for a great summer cycling trip.  The beauty of cycling is that you have time to really experience and explore the stunning vineyards and villages of this region at your own pace.

Discover the Medieval Fortress of Carcassonne

france carcassonne

Start your journey in Carcassonne, the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites! One of course is the Canal du Midi.  The other is the Medieval City – a fortified medieval village that is still inhabited.  Unmissable sights include the St Nazaire Basilica, the Castle of the Counts, the Porte Narbonnaise and the Ramparts.  Discover the towers, walls  and history of this beautiful place on a guided or unguided tour.

Gaze up at the Montagne Noire

canal du midi

Cycle from Carcassonne to the foot of the Montagne Noire, a slight detour from the Canal itself, and enjoy the mesmerizing views!  The mountain is surrounded by dark forests to the north and vineyards to the south, making it a perfect photo opportunity.  The mountain’s rivers and streams flow down into the Canal as well.

Cycle from Vineyard to Vineyard

france canal du midi

There are plenty of vineyards in this part of France, so you’ll definitely be tempted to stop in and taste a few local reds!  The Languedoc-La Clape wine region reaches from Narbonne to the Mediterranean, and is known for its hot, dry climate – AND is one of the sunniest places in France.

Try New Local Foods

Food is great in the region, but very rich and heavy (we definitely don’t think that’s a bad thing!).  If you’re feeling adventurous try some beet gazpacho with chevre ice cream.  Vegetarian options are limited though, so this is something to bear in mind.

If you are interested in cycling the Canal Du Midi, our agent Lesli, recently embarked on a tour with Exodus Travels and absolutely loved it!  Contact or your favourite Lloyds agent to book your next vacation today.