The Greek Islands You Must Visit Once

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands You Must Visit Once

So, you want to go island hopping but don’t know where to start?  There are over 1000 Greek Islands so it’s no wonder you’re confused.  Each island is unique – ranging from small hideaway islands with rustic villas and monasteries, to bigger islands with vibrant night scenes and luxury resorts.  What remains the same though, is the outstanding Greek beaches!  You’ll never get bored of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.


  • Mykonos:

    Mykonos is a world-famous for it’s buzzing nightlife and summer party scene. Visited by many a celebrity, the island is home to luxury hotels and award-winning restaurants.  Aside from its vibrant fun personality, Mykonos draws up some pretty amazing architecture: everything from windmills to lighthouses to castles.  You can really indulge when you visit Mykonos, so allow an extra day or two here because you won’t want to leave.  Fly to the island straight from London, or try out a catamaran/ferry option from one of the nearby islands.

  • Milos:

    You’ve probably never heard of Milos – and that’s a good thing. This tiny untouched Cycladic Island is a Greek paradise.  With around 70 beaches to explore, and a multi-coloured volcanic landscape, a visit to Milos is worth it.  The island is best discovered by water as there are numerous caves, cliffs and natural pools that add to the Milos’ mysterious atmosphere.  Take the four-hour ferry from Athens for easiest access.

  • Kefalonia:


    If you’ve read or watched Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kefalonia will already be familiar to you. The largest of the Ionian Islands, and west of Mainland Greece, Kefalonia is an easy island to.  With flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as local ferries from mainland Greece, there are travel options for all budgets.  And why go? Well, Kefalonia is home to Myrtos Beach – ranked among the world’s top beaches for its beautiful turquoise waters and white sand, nestled between two mountains.  Other highlights include Melissani Cave, Argostoli City and enough monasteries to satisfy your sightseeing needs.

  • Ithaca:

    For a more relaxed and cultural experience, visit Ithaca. One of the smaller Ionian islands, Ithaca is best accessed by a ferry from Kefalonia.   Mentioned in The Odyssey as Odysseus’ home town, this little island is small but epic.  The spectacular beaches you’ll find in other Greek Islands won’t be found here.  Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy challenging hikes, deserted villages and humble churches.  Connect with the quiet island life, and leave with memories of some of Greece’s most stunning landscapes.

  • Santorini:


    No Greek island bucket list would be complete without Santorini – part of the Cyclades Islands. The small island has seen a tourism boom in the last couple of years and it’s not hard to see why.  With cliff sides full of white washed houses and the blue roofed churches, the island is picturesque from the beginning – and it only gets better at sunset.  Walk around the volcanic landscape of Nea Kameni, take a tour through the vineyards or join a catamaran sailing charter – just a few of the romantic experiences Santorini can offer you.  Access the island by ferry from Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos (and other islands!) or fly direct to Santorini airport (usually involves 1 or 2 connections depending on the European city you are departing from).


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