What to Expect when Travelling Bhutan


What to Expect when Travelling Bhutan

Prayer flags, mountains, rice fields and more! Bhutan is one of South East Asia’s most intriguing countries, filled with plenty of adventures, stories and religious culture. The country has a focus on peacefulness, happiness and being at one with the natural world – it’s your chance to get away from city life.  When travelling Bhutan you have to join a tour group and pay a certain amount of money per day; travellers are not allowed to explore the country on their own. Wondering what else you can expect? 

Beautiful Hikes

  • Avid walkers will absolutely adore Bhutan for it’s varied and challenging trails through stunning countryside with views of the Himalayas.  One of the most popular destinations to visit by foot is the Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest), a sacred site that lies perched on a cliffside in the Paro Valley.  You must allow a whole day for this trek -it takes four to five hours round trip, plus any extra time you want to spend touring the monastery itself.  This is a must-see!

Buddhism Everywhere

  • Bhutan is a religious country where the people are happy but reserved, and take their faith very seriously.  Whilst discovering the landscapes, you are certain to meet monks and nuns who will be delighted to welcome you into their world.  If you travel near an upcoming festival then you can observe local activities such as the nuns preparing for a festival, making an offering or weaving special garments.

Many Windy Roads


  • If you’re one for getting a little nauseous when driving, then make sure you are prepared for Bhutan’s twist and turns.  With drives that can last up to 6hrs a day through Bhutan’s steep mountains and valleys, make sure you bring car sickness tablets or similar.  You may not enjoy the drive completely but it will be 100% worth it to see all the dramatic landscapes of Bhutan.

Interesting Wildlife

  • Due to the variety of habitats, there’s plenty of indigenous animals, including yaks and cranes, to see on your travels.  Bhutan’s national animal is the Takin – an almost mythical creature that is a cross between a goat, cow and antelope.  They are extremely rare but can be found in the bamboo forests and high altitudes of Bhutan.  Other regions they are native to include North East India, West China and Tibet.. so best keep your eyes peeled!

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