Highlights of Myanmar

Are you looking for your next South-East Asia vacation destination?  Why not choose Myanmar (Burma)? Look forward to a slower pace of life, gilded pagodas at every turn and a traditional asian culture.  There’s lots to see and experience.  Here are our favourite reasons to visit:

With so many temples, it’s perfect for anyone who loves culture

bagan temple

Join a Temple Tour with a local guide in Bagan, and you’ll soon see that the vast landscape of Myanmar is scattered with more temples than you could imagine.  There’s no way you could visit them all as there are thousands, but it’s definitely worth discovering more than one! The plains of Bagan are one of the most archaeologically rich areas of Asia and pictures don’t do it justice.  Must-see temples include Shwesandaw Pagoda for it’s magnificent views from its terraces; Dhammayangyi Temple for it’s pyramid shape (the only one like this in Myanmar); and Ananda Temple with it’s gilded four Buddhas and beautiful exterior.

It’s easy to interact with the local way of life


Yangon is the ideal place to see the everyday routines of the locals.  Discover fruit and vegetable markets where trucks pull up to unload dozens of bananas and coconuts; jump on a commuter train and get off a couple minutes after; have your fortune told by one of the many infamous fortune tellers in the area; and enjoy a wobbly rickshaw ride through the city.

If you want to continue to engage with the locals when in Bagan, you can visit local workers on your Temple Tour. Here you can see many agricultural practises including where peanuts grow and how peanut oil is produced. Take a peek into a small brick factory to see how bricks are made, watch a local blacksmith in his studio and see the hard work involved in hand-made ceramics.

Then explore from above with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

began hot air balloon
A great way to see Bagan, especially if you’re limited on time or not interested in visiting lots of temples, would be by air.  A Hot Air Balloon ride will show you all the sights from above as well as leave you with an unforgettable experience. Balloon rides don’t run all year round so make sure you visit between October and April, and book in advance during peak times.  Generally, the rides are offered at sunrise and last around 45 minutes.  Make sure you take your camera as the views from the sky are magical!

For water-enthusiasts, Inle Lake is the place to be

myanmar fisherman

Inle Lake is an unmissable sight in Myanmar and is just as interesting as the temples in Bagan. The lake is lined with small villages that can only be accessed by boat, so locals and tourists alike must travel in loud longboats to get where they need to be.  Observe the fishermen working on the water using a one-legged paddling technique and question how they can perform this stunning balancing act! There is also an abundance of tomatoes grown in the region using hydroponic farming methods. Locals live in houses on the lake but there are also hotel rooms that hover over the water. So if you’re looking for a unique place to stay, then try one of the Inle Lake hotels! 


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