Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Myanmar

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Visit Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Myanmar

For something to break up your visits to Myanmar Temples, why not take a trip to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp? 

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp was founded to provide care for retired and disabled elephants that had spent their life in the timber industry, carrying logs around.  Camp staff are very passionate about educating visitors and love to share information on everything that goes into giving these elephants a comfortable and happy retirement.  GHV is located near Kalaw and is most easily accessed by a taking a flight from Yangon to He Hoe, then an hour and a half drive.

There are two programs that visitors can choose between, allowing them to join the elephants in their daily routine.  It is important to note that the Elephants are not treated as show animals, and you are merely observing or being involved with their day-to-day activities, rather than watching a parade or performance.  GHV treats each elephant with dignity and encourages visitors to do the same. Details of the programs are listed below:

Program A – Day trip to Elephants’ home.

This program includes a walk to the elephant village where you can see the life of the elephants with their mahouts, help feed them as well as a journey to the river where you can help bathe them. 

Program B – Short trek & Elephant care activities

This program features a trek to the camp where plenty of wildlife can be viewed, including butterflies and orchids.  You will then arrive at the elephant villas and be able to participate in washing and feeding the elephants.  There is 1-2 hours of walking in this program.

In both programs you can also take part in GHV’s forest recovery project – where each visitor is encouraged plant one new regional tree (seasonal).  Lunch is served in the main camp, and then you will have time to explore the conservation area, see an elephant skeleton and learn about GHV’s recycle paper project from elephant poo.

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Green Hill Valley is certainly a great way to engage in ethical tourism as well as reforestation efforts. What do you think?  Will you be adding GHV onto your Myanmar itinerary? Contact us today to discuss your next travel adventure by emailing!